Financial Aid & Student Accounting Services Spotlight – May 2015

2015-16 Financial Aid Award

The priority deadline to complete the 2015-16 FAFSA for returning students was May 1st. If you and your student wish to receive aid beyond an academic scholarship and have not yet completed the FAFSA, please be sure to do so as soon as possible.  The Financial Aid Office is currently working on returning student awards and will continue to do so throughout the months of May and June.

Confirmation Billing & Payment Options

Confirmation Billing will be e-mailed to freshmen the last week of June and to all returning students the first week of July.  Included in this e-mail will be estimated charges and financial aid as of the date of processing, along with instructions for completing the required on-line Confirmation Billing Form. In order for this form to be most accurate, please be sure to have your student report his/her awarded outside scholarships (from outside resources other than Whitworth) to the Financial Aid Office by phone, email or by clicking on this easy online form. The deadline for completion of the Confirmation Billing Form and payment of any balance due or selection of a payment plan is August 7, 2015. Payment plan options include a 12-month, 10-month or 9-month option.  Information about the 12-month payment plan will be mailed out mid-May to the student’s home address on file.

For parents interested in applying for the Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) Loan, please visit our webpage on Federal Direct Parent Loans.

Another option you and/or your student may consider is a Private Education Loan. These loans are not federally insured, and are borrowed through commercial banks. Most students will require a co-signer to be approved for these loans. Please visit the Financial Aid web link, Private Education Loans for more information and lender options.

Whitworth offers a Church Matching Scholarship of up to $500 a year toward tuition.  For information about this program, please access our Church Matching Scholarship Form.  This form will need to be completed by a church administrator and returned to the Financial Aid Office.

Summer Hours

Both the Financial Aid Office and Student Accounting Services are open Monday – Friday from 8-4:30 during the summer.  If you have any questions, we are here to help! Enjoy your summer!

Financial Aid Office 509-777-3215

Student Accounting Services 509-777-4495

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