Financial Aid Office and Student Accounting Services Highlights – September 2014

whitworth fallWe hope you enjoying the fall season and the new beginnings it brings.  We have been blessed with beautiful weather so far here on campus! A couple of reminders for you to keep in mind and possibly help your student out with this time of year:

  • By the end of September, most expected outside scholarships to be paid toward fall semester have been received and applied to student accounts.  If you notice when you receive your account statement that an outside scholarship has not been applied toward fall charges, it would be a good idea to have your student follow-up with the scholarship donor.  The donor may require proof of enrollment before they will send the scholarship to Whitworth.  If proof of enrollment is required, your student can log on to Pirate Port, click on the WhitNet icon, and under Academic Profile, click the Enrollment Verification link.
  • The Student Accounting Services office will be sending out account statements at the end of this month via email.  If you notice that a financial aid resource is not being applied toward the charges, then something is wrong and your student could be missing important documents or processes that need to be completed for that aid to transmit.  Please have your student contact the Financial Aid Office if he or she needs assistance in understanding what is missing.  It is important to address this, as late charges will be applied to accounts for outstanding charges not covered by anticipated financial aid.  These service charges will occur on the 20th of the month beginning in October.  If you have a payment plan in place to cover the balance through fall term, late charges will not be assessed.

Thank you for allowing us to serve your students!

Financial Aid Office  and Student Account Services

(Click on either link to get dept. contact information.)


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