The Health Center – Connecting with Students

kholmesby Kristiana Holmes, M.S.N., A.R.N.P.

Has your son or daughter ever been ill or injured since attending Whitworth?  Do you wonder what options they have for healthcare?  What if the health issue is more serious and your daughter or son is struggling academically, emotionally, socially?

The Health Center is an excellent resource for Whitworth students.  We provide ambulatory healthcare right on campus.  That means that we can see students for most general illnesses and injuries right here!  While this is the primary function of the Health Center, we are also here to support students who may be struggling with health and mental health issues that impact their ability to stay in class, to socially participate with other students, to get out of bed in the morning, to manage the stressors of college life.

SchumacherThe Health Center has nurse practitioner and registered nurse staff who work directly with students to form a plan of care—for small and large concerns.  It might be as simple as sharing with your son or daughter how to combat the symptoms of a cold.  Sometimes the plan includes return visits for additional monitoring and working collaboratively with other areas on campus to ensure adequate support for the moment and the long-term.  Working in collaboration with other areas, such as Counseling Services, Student Life, Academics, and the Student Success Team provides a more comprehensive approach.  The Health Center staff are able to help students navigate through the campus support network and community supports as well.

One of the biggest joys for staff at the Health Center is working with students and developing relationships with them to afford optimal health and support.  We maintain a “safe” environment where all concerns can be discussed, no matter how overwhelming or sensitive.  Connecting with students is a rewarding aspect of our work here.  Knowing that we can hold out a hand when your son or daughter is in need is our job and our calling.  Our connection with students defines our success and our unique relational approach defines us as a campus-run health center.

The Health Center is located in Schumacher Hall.

Kristiana Holmes is the Director of Health Services and began her work at Whitworth in 2010.

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